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Dry Moon

Dry Moon is a movie directed by Andrea DeGette. It has been in production for several years, and is now on the cusp of completion. In order to fund the finishing touches on the project, we held an Indiegogo campaign that is located here. Although we didn't reach our goal, we raised a good portion of our goal. Interested in contributing click here.

About Dry moon



DRY MOON is the story of Gracie Lee, a simple wild crafter who lives in harmony with nature near the old farmhouse where she and her mother scrape a living selling at the local farmers market.  She encounters a vagrant who gets her pregnant and she is forced to deal with the modern world to get her baby back from social services.  Her simple way of life is lost as she becomes part of the present day culture and loses touch with her roots in nature, though the bonds between the three generations of women remain steadfast.


How it all began...

Dry Moon began in the mid-90's as a way for me to make sense of the exotic change from Colorado to was such a change in every aspect and this southern culture made me curious to make sense of the unchangeable, yet always forgiving nature of the natives.  I was taken in and re-made over a period of two decades until I finally feel home.  

This first feature of mine has not been completed on schedule, in fact, quite the opposite.  Dry Moon has had to fit into my life ad hoc, whenever I can bring myself to the work.  The film has come together in the same manner of my other films, from some universal force that is outside of me.  In fact, the narrative has evolved from film to fiction and back again...even foreshadowing real life events for cast and crew...


Behind the Story

The beauty holds the truth in Dry Moon, and the the truth holds the beauty as well.  I have tried to hold true to as much DOGMA as possible, real people, real locations, real sound, real music props and wardrobe.  The shooting of the film was off-hours over two, then three years.  The commitment of everyone involved has been steadfast and true.

As I move into this last phase of production I want to reveal the untold mysteries of my film and the deep living spring that brought my vision to light.  Please give your attention to DRY MOON and bring your own truth to the party!

Meet the cast

Gracie Lee


Sarah Scott makes her film debut as the beautiful Gracie Lee, child of the woods and champion of the natural world. Sarah has spent many years in North Carolina with her daughter Pearl who aslo makes her film debut in Dry Moon. Sarah is a singer, and herbalist, and lover of exotic fruit. Sarah is currently rediscovering her childhood roots in Austin, Texas.

Ravena Brooks


Jane Holding plays Ravena "Mama" Brooks in Dry Moon. Jane was born in North Carolina and educated at Swarthmore College, Cambridge University, and Stanford. Her theatrical credits include Birdie in "The Little Foxes" and Big Momma in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." She also co-authored and starts in "Oldest Living Confederate Widow: Her Confession" -- a one-woman play based on the novel by Alan Gurganus.

Huck Quinn


Robert Gault plays the itenerate handyman, "Huck Quinn," also making his film debut in Dry Moon. Robert is a gifted carpenter whose work is evident throughout the Hillsborough. When asked if he ever had a secret desire to be an actor he responded, "Well if it was secret I sure wouldn't tell you, would I?" He was cast immediately!

Meet the crew

Andrea DeGette


Andrea DeGette is a writer, director, and producer from Denver, Colorado.  She is an award-winning filmmaker, and she graduated from New York University and Duke University. Andrea owns and operates the Media Arts Exchange in downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina where she lives with her three children, three cats, dog, and assorted critters.


David Kasper


David Kasper has been involved in hundreds of film and video projects over the past 30 years, videographer, editor, producer, and writer. He is best know for his 1992 Ooscar winning documentary "The Panama Deception." He is currently Executive Director of the Empowerment Project, a non profit media center and production group in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Editor, Videographer.

Esther Sumner


Esther Sumner is a video producer and editor who was born and raised in Kenya and has since lived in Connecticut, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia. She graduated with a degree in Digital Arts from Stetson University, where she discovered her love for editing and her interest in social and political art. When she's not working she enjoys trying out new recipes and watching thought provoking films. Graphic Designer, Editor.

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