andrea degette's Philosophy

My philosophy of art is the same as my philosophy of education.  Both are cornerstones of civilization, which I for one, am a fan of!  I adhere to values of historic preservation, ethics in all things, and optimism.  I can offer your student, or company a means to tell YOUR story with your own vision.  I am your guide and whether it is media literacy, video art, or installation!  Or whatever you dream up.  Check out our calendar:

About Us

Media Literacy for all of us!


Here at MAX we understand the complex digital culture we inhabit and work to bring this knowledge to each of our lessons and all of our productions.  Just as students need practice becoming producers instead of mere consumers of digital technology, so the public needs to become increasingly aware of what is included in the web videos they wish to create.

Why us?


Owner and operator Andrea DeGette started with film production at NYU film school and developed her Video In The Classroom in schools all over NYC.  She brought this program to NC in 1994 where she has worked with public and private school students all over the state through DAC and NC Arts Council.  Her dedication to arts education has been a driving force in the community and many of her former students continue to work in digital media and education.  Some come back to work with us at MAX.

Technology and Art


Technology and art are not mutually exclusive.  As we move into the future students must be able to use whatever tools are available for self-expression, narrative exploration and creativity. Through the use of video, image, and text we are able to convey feelings and spread a message. Here at MAX, we encourage kids to start young! There are endless possibilities for creativity and we want to be an outlet for young minds to release their ideas into the creative world.